SavvyPaws Artemis of SexySavannahs - F3C Queen

DOB - April 13, 2015:  Artemis was aquired from SavvyPaws because of her unique coat pattern, her very talkative personality, and her outstanding Serval type structure.  Artemis was adopted as a pet by Kasia upon SexySavannahs closing down:

SexySavannahs Hera - F2B Dam 

DOB - June 22, 2015:  Hera was birthed from "XENA 1 OF SEXYSAVANNAHS," our F1A Dam.  A stunning brown base with ink black spotting and a lapdog personality make Hera quite the personable Savannah.  Hera was adopted by Mike as a pet upon SexySavannahs closing down:

​​SexySavannahs Athena - F3C Dam 

DOB - July 4, 2015:  Athena was birthed from former SexySavannahs F2B "EXOTICTAILS KIRA OF SEXYSAVANNAHS."  Athena was adopted as a pet by Shane upon SexySavannahs closing down:

SexySavannahs Selene - F2B Dam 

DOB - June 22, 2015:  Selene was also birthed from "XENA 1 OF SEXYSAVANNAHS."  She is a stunning Seal Lynx Point Savannah with a rather shy, yet affectionate demeanor.  Selene was adopted as a pet by Alyssa upon SexySavannahs closing down:

Kratos the Superb of SexySavannahs - F6SBT SST Stud

Kratos was a multi-award winning F6SBT Silver Spotted Tabby (SST) that came from SavvyPaws (formerly ExoticTails).  He is the primary Stud at SexySavannahs.  He was born on September 11, 2014 and produced amazing litters for us.

SexySavannahs - Former Breeding Program

SexySavannahs utilized an F6SBT Silver Spotted Tabby stud, "Kratos the Superb of SexySavannahs."

With the exception of Selene, which was a Seal Lynx Point, the rest of the females at SexySavannahs were Brown(Black) Spotted Tabby (BST) in pattern classification.

For more information on breeding genetics, please visit our Basic Savannah Colour Genetics page.

Xena 1 of SexySavannahs - F1A Queen

DOB - April 8, 2012:  Xena is an F1 Savannah that has several Serval traits passed down by her Serval Sire.  Xena has tall, well cupped ears, a beautiful eye set, long hind legs and the coveted black nose that gives her a very "wild" look. ​Xena passed in October 2016.


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