Here is what your kitten comes with!

Your kitten comes with the following:

  • Vaccines:  Three all killed FVRCP vaccines have been given.  The standard annual vaccine is the three-in-one FVRCP, which stands for feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR), calicivirus, and panleukopenia virus. The first two types of virus cause upper respiratory illness. Panleukopenia is a life-threatening disease in which cats suffer severe diarrhea as well as depletion of bone marrow and white blood cells.  For more information on vaccines, click here.

  • Rabies Vaccination:  All kittens receive a rabies vaccination when they receive the final vaccine described above.

  • Deworming:  Safeguard will be used to provide protection against roundworms, tapeworms and more.  For more information on deworming, click here.

  • Neuter / spay:  All kittens are neutered/spayed when they weigh over two pounds in weight.  This prevents spraying behaviour from starting at approximately five months of age, and saves you hundreds of dollars to do this later.  This usually happens when the second vaccination initially described happens.

  • Microchip:  All kittens are micro chipped upon receiving the first vaccine.

  • TICA Registration:  All kittens adopted from SexySavannahs come with TICA registration papers.

  • Health Guarantee:  All kittens come with a written health guarantee, outlining your kitten will be replaced in the unfortunate event that it passes away within one year from the adoption date due to any genetic defect.

  • Pet Insurance:  All kittens now come with a six week trial of pet insurance with Petsecure.  While we know our kittens are of the healthiest stock, it's reassuring to new owners to have a little more peace of mind in the event something did happen.

What is Remaining?

There are only a couple of things left for you to do in order for your kitten to maintain their high quality health:

  • Check up:  Within 72 hours of receiving your kitten, you are required to take it to your vet for a health examination.  While we know your kitten is at its highest quality, this ensures you that you have received a kitten with no health risks.  On an event of receiving a non-healthy kitten, you will have the option to return the kitten to us with an explanation from the attending veterinarian (this is covered more in detail under the SexySavannahs Conditions for Adoption)

  • Deworming:  This will need to be done once per month for three months (until kitten is six months old), and annually from that point on.

SexySavannahs' Conditions for Adoption

The following conditions for adopting a SexySavannahs kitten are outlined on the reverse side of your adoption agreement in verbatim:

1 -  SexySavannahs warrants and guarantees that this kitten is healthy to the best of our knowledge.

2 -  This kitten is guaranteed for 72 hours against, but not limited to the following ailments:  Upper respiratory infection, internal and external parasites, and FELV / FIV.

3 -  The adoptee has 72 hours to take the kitten to a certified veterinarian for a health exam.  If any health concerns are found, the adoptee may return the kitten to SexySavannahs within 72 hours with a written explanation from the attending veterinarian.  No medical or travel expenses will be refunded.

4 -  During the first 72 hours, this kitten will be isolated from any other pets and monitored for health, eating, litter box usage and activity level.

5 -  SexySavannahs is not responsible for any injury, illness or damages that may be caused by exposure to this kitten. This includes allergies.

6 -  Under no circumstances will this cat be sold, leased, or given away to any pet store, research laboratory, breeding mill or similar facility.  Should the adoptee be unable to keep this cat, SexySavannahs must be notified of the new adoptee and provided their contact information immediately.  

​7 -  This Savannah cat will be kept indoors, and will not be allowed to roam freely outdoors.

8 - If this Savannah cat passes away within the first year of life due to an inherited genetic disease, the adoptee must inform SexySavannahs and provide a necropsy from a certified veterinarian.

  • 8a -  If a valid necropsy is provided, SexySavannahs will then replace this kitten with one of equal quality when one becomes available.

9 -  Ketamine will not be used as an anesthetic for any surgery. There are absolutely no exceptions to this.

10 -  All deposits are non-refundable in the event that you are unable complete the transaction for any reason.

  • 10a -  If you have placed a deposit on a kitten, and SexySavannahs deems the kitten unhealthy, you will be able to receive your initial deposit returned in full, or transfer the value of your deposit to another kitten of your choosing.

SexySavannahs Kitten Pricing

SexySavannahs is focused on breeding the highest quality Savannah kittens possible between F2 and F4 generations.  Adoption fees for F2 kittens range from $8,000 - $10,000, F3 kittens fluctuate between $6,000 - $8,000, while F4 kittens are approximately $4,000 - $6,000.  Adoption fees are subject to change without notice if the kitten is still available.

Please be advised that as a registered business, SexySavannahs is REQUIRED to add 13% HST to the adoption fee amount.  This is non-negotiable unless otherwise stated.

Viewing the Kittens

Please contact us by phone or text at (647) 285-9909, or email

Placing Your Deposit

Contact us by phone or email, let us know which kitten you are interested in, and how you would like to place your deposit.  We will accept a deposit once you decide on your desired kitten.  We require a 50% minimum deposit be placed in order to hold your kitten.

There are some different payment options:

  • Interac email transfer:  Done through online banking (preferred payment option)

  • Cash:  Cash on arrival is acceptable

Kitten Delivery

SexySavannahs will deliver your kitten anywhere between Ottawa and Windsor, providing the entire adoption fee has been satisfied, prior to delivery.

We are also willing to ship Canada wide via WestJet, as long as the airline flies to your local airport.

About SexySavannahs' Kittens

All of our kittens come virtually 'bombproof,' having been raised in a free range (no caging) environment. They are well adjusted to other felines, children and strangers for the maximum exposure and sociability​ possible. They have been introduced to a raw diet of ground meats and bone, chicken, hearts, giblets and livers along with Acana, a premuim grade dry food.

SexySavannahs' kittens come with three all killed FVRCP vaccines, rabies vaccine, micro-chipping, neuter/spay, deworming, TICA registration, written health guarantee and a Petsecure six week trial of pet insurance.  For more information on what your kitten receives, please see the Adoption Information section below.


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​SexySavannahs' Adoption Information

Currently Available Savannah Kittens:

SexySavannahs has ended its breeding program.