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SexySavannahs - Affiliates

The intent of this page is to outline companies, services or other catteries that SexySavannahs is affiliated with.  We are pleased to be dealing with these parties, and as such would gladly recommend them to anyone who asks.

Veterinarian Services

Good veterinarians are easy to find.  Exceptional veterinarians are much harder to come across.  We cannot say enough good things about the veterinarians and staff at Yonge and 16th Animal Hospital, located at Yonge Street on Rutherford Road / 16th Avenue in Richmond Hill.

Marrows Raw Pet Food:  Raw Food Supplier

Currently we use a triple mix formula, consisting of an 80% meat to 20% bone ratio from Marrows. Chicken Liver, hearts and gizzards are also added to the formula separately.

Pet Insurance:  Petsecure

Our kittens go to their forever homes with a complimentary six-week trial of Petsecure pet insurance. - Savannah Breeder Network

Patrick Kelly co-founded the Savannah breed in 1996 along with Joyce Sroufe, and currently runs, a website promoting the Savannah breed through various means such as magazines.  This website also features a reputable listing of Savannah breeders by province/state.  SexySavannahs is proud to be affiliated with as listed under the Ontario breeders section: