"Where the spots run wild!"

December 28, 2016:  SexySavannahs has ended its tenure in the breeding business. Thank you for your interest.


The Toronto Star published an article recently, about how these exotic looking felines bring a touch of the wild into homes.


‚ÄčWelcome to SexySavannahs!  We are a hobby based, TICA affiliated Savannah cattery located in the GTA, Ontario, Canada. To see our currently available kittens for adoption, please visit our Available Kittens page.

We are one of five  acknowledged reputable Savannah breeders in Ontario, as outlined by the list found on  We are one of only a few breeders currently breeding earlier generation (F3) Savannah kittens.  

We are focused on producing the most exotic looking, finest quality Savannah felines possible.  Our cats feed on a raw diet consisting primarily of quail, along with chicken hearts and giblets.

Our hobby based cattery and kittens produced are TICA registered.  All of our kittens go home immunized as per the TICA Code of Ethics, as well as being litter box trained and feeding optimally on Acana cat food.

Our goal when breeding our Savannahs, quite simply, is to raise healthy kittens that look as wild as their Serval counterpart along with playful and domesticated personalities.

We are an underfoot cattery that strives to provide the most socialization possible for our kittens.  Our cats have full range of the home, and all of our felines have been exposed to other felines, canines, and children.

August 8, 2014:  SexySavannahs is proud to offer a scam prevention photo editing guide!  The purpose of this guide is to help interested kitten buyers along with breeders ensure photos are legitimite and belong to the advertising party:

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